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A recurring jewelry design line created to provide the best in Native design to women of Design. Destined to become a Movement.

My first thought was "Over deliver value in the form of exquisite, exclusive, beautiful jewelry." My second thought was "Over deliver value to this community of women with the goal of empowerment." I know women hold tremendous value in their families, especially in Native communities. I wanted to create a monthly jewelry subscription box that would leave every customer wanting more month to month. I didn't want to stop there. With my background being in the helping professions, I wanted a stage in which I could continually share self development inspiration. I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some strong women in my life and for that I am grateful. From my mom to my wife, to my professors and colleagues, I have had the pleasure of hearing their guidance. My intention is to simply create the space for positivity and connection to grow.

The community I was developing gave me the perfect opportunity to share the many life principles I've learned. Inside the Private Facebook Group "Design Ladies" i'll be sharing videos, pictures, and various content that is intended to cultivate the minds of our members. I know that all fears and limitations stem from the beliefs of the mind, therefore learning how to control your mind is the ultimate outcome we will seek. I want each member to feel that they are apart of something special and that they are cared for. I also want this community to be action takers. I am looking forward to coordinating events that will serve as empowering get togethers, but will also serve a aide in a local cause, financially or service wise. 

I believe we were given this life to be remarkable, so why not live trying to do something truly remarkable.