For the Beautiful woman inside you


What if Jewelry could create a feeling of... Beauty? 

Your love of jewelry is not a coincidence. Your attraction to amazing design pieces is not by accident. Your engagement with symbols that inspire is not without purpose. 

Beauty attracts beauty. You see, we cannot see what we don't already have inside us. The simple fact that you are here means that the symbols and design elements speak to that beauty inside you. You are simply attracting a mirror reflection of what is inside.

I create with this belief in mind. 

I had the incredible honor of being raised by a single mom on the Hopi reservation in rural Northern Arizona. In a traditional Hopi/Tewa matrilineal society, the women holds ownership of the land, the homes, and is essentially the backbone of the family. Cultural knowledge, teachings and language are expressed in these spaces created by a strong woman. 

Where there is not a strong matriarch, the family struggles.

The need for empowered Native women extends beyond the home for many Native communities. Therefore, I create jewelry with beautiful symbols to honor the matriarchs and represent the beauty that exists in being an Indigenous woman today. 


"I designed my first piece of jewelry for my wife who represents a woman who draws strength from her Native heritage. She has so much pride in her identity, she chooses jewelry that signifies who she is and where she comes from. That is who I design for." -Michael Adams, Founder of GourdJewels