A Warrior's Mindset - Mike Adams

A Warrior's Mindset - Mike Adams


Utilize this handbook if you dare to be GREAT. This training guide offers 102 hand selected quotes from various leaders geared towards cultivating your mindset. The only thing separating you from the Greatness inside you and where you are today, is your mind's conditioning. You are the result of your thoughts and behaviors. If you ever want to escape your current conditions in life, you must develop the mental strength of your mind. This training guide offers you the ability to question your beliefs and reflect on your potential.

Michael Adams is a multi-passionate Author, Speaker, and Jewelry Designer. His passion for igniting individual potential and excellence is fueled by his roots as a Hopi/Tewa man in rural Arizona.

104 pages, 102 quotes and reflective questions to cultivate your mindset for success.

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