Dragonfly Earrings Signature

Dragonfly Earrings Signature


Where have you seen a dragonfly before? At the lake, on a piece of art, or at the park? These fast moving wings flutter at rapid speeds, but can come to almost an automatic stop. Did I mention, they can fly backwards and sideways. I chose to call this piece "Poise" because of the dragonflies ability to always remain balanced. They can remain graciously suspended in one spot and be gone with a blink of the eye. Who in your life resembles some of these characteristics? 

I designed these signature earrings for the one who celebrates their life and attempts to always find balance. For the person who needs that signature piece to stand out. And for the person who has a special love for the little winged creatures in nature. 

These earrings were laser cut using a strong compressed wood. They were then hand painted with yellow and assembled using silver plated hooks. Each pair comes with a custom earring holder and gift box.

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