White Long Cloud Design

White Long Cloud Design


You'll love these amazing fine detailed earnings. The color scheme is white and black and make a great pair to dress up for any going out occasion. The design detail depicts a cloud symbols that are intricately engraved for repetitious design aesthetic. There are 3 cloud swirls that carry good energy to the wearer.

This truly unique pair will keep others guessing where you got them. In addition, their size (1.6" long) accessorizes well with many color outfits and are so comfortable to wear due to their lightweight (made from mdf). The silver plated hook and jump ring are attached and make an amazing gift for the person who enjoys accentuating their unique pieces of jewelry around color.

They are created by Hopi-Tewa artist, Michael Adams, and are made with intentions for prayers for moisture/rain. They come with a custom made earring holder and gift box.

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