Turtle Studs Gold Metallic

Turtle Studs Gold Metallic


You'll love these amazing fine detailed studs. The color scheme is metallic gold on black and make a perfect tiny touch addition to many outfits. The design detail depicts a turtle with water swirls on his back. I did this design as a special order for a customer and decided to share it.

These truly unique studs will keep others guessing where you got them. In addition, their small size (.5" diameter) adds a subtle look and are so comfortable to wear due to their lightweight. The silver plated backings are attached with a strong bond super glue and make an amazing gift for the person who does not prefer long dangly earrings.

They are created by Hopi-Tewa artist, Michael Adams, and made with intention for prayers for moisture/rain. They come with a custom made earring holder and gift box.

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