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Be apart of a class of women who are inspired by design in Native fashion and the designing of a beautiful life. The GourdJewels "Design Ladies" are a community of women captivated in collecting the best in Native design and symbolism, while passionately designing a life of fulfillment and influence. Become a "Design Lady" today to get the best in Native fashion and become a woman of influence.


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Our March 2018 Video of our Design Lady Signature Subscription box

Get Exclusive Access to Signature Pieces Created Monthly Just For You!

Gourd Jewels Design Lady Earring Subscription

The Best Delivered To You Monthly

The "Design Ladies" community is a monthly jewelry subscription service providing you the best jewelry experience in Native fashion. GourdJewels artist, Michael Adams takes his talent and creativity to deliver you one incredible design per month. Every month a pair of earrings with amazing precision design will be mailed to you as you unveil the piece to be admired. GourdJewels is a constant innovator of jewelry style utilizing various materials and equipment to provide you the most unique and high quality work. You'll feel the beauty as you gaze at the detail in craftsmanship and hear the admiration from friends and family. Each design is specially designed with sincere meaning to be shared in the packaging. As a "Design Lady", all jewelry designs are exclusive to you, they will not be available anywhere else. You can feel the value, can't you?

Multiple Benefits in being a "Design Lady"

  • Best exclusive access to All Designs
  • Unbelievable new designs created every month
  • You Save with Peace of Mind
  • New private FaceBook Group for "Design Lady" Community
  • Own a signature pair with Free Shipping
  • Wow! Free Replacement for broken, damaged, lost earrings
  • Locked in price that will never increase as long as you are a member
  • Access to "Design Lady" Content
  • Desired Priceless material to develop your Inner Influence
  • Your Design Inspiration Cards
GourdJewels Design Lady Jewelry Subscription

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The Sign Up

Sign up now! If you can see the incredible value in receiving these exquisite pieces, imagine the collection you will have acquired. Also, imagine being apart of a community of women who fill themselves with positivity and support to become a woman of influence. What is that worth to you? Having that type of positive network you have direct access to, what would you pay for that?

Invest in yourself if you have an inner voice that wants more out of life than what you are currently getting. Become a "Design Lady" because you want exclusive access to the best jewelry and a community of women looking to support one another. 

What are the top 5 reasons you know that you're worth this and that you deserve it?

What will you FINALLY be able to feel once you join a community like this?

How will that make you feel knowing you are receiving special exclusive content?

Exclusive Limited Time "Design Lady" Entry Price: $67/Month

This price point is only open for a limited time. Doors close on Friday March 30th at 11:59pm. Act now.

You will not regret it!


What Ifs?

What if I don't like a design for a particular month? Can I exchange?

Each month is going to be my best work delivered on a monthly basis. If it's not your style, then you have an amazing gift to share with someone. You definitely have someone in your life that you can share it with. Or get a display case to showcase the work. There will be no exchanges or custom requests.

What if I only wear small earrings?

This particular box is for those who wear signature statement pieces. In the future, we will be coming out with a box that serves the women who wear small pieces. However, most of our women enjoy giving them as gifts to the important people in their lives.

Is my credit card information safe?

Your information is securely encrypted using Moonclerk services. I have done sufficient research to know they have the best security against fraud. Your checkout is secure, safe, and encrypted.

What will all be included in each package?

Of course you will receive the most amazing pair of jewelry I could create for that month, a custom designed box, a design meaning card, empowering information/updates, and special surprises.

What is the jewelry made out of?

I use a beautiful alder wood engraved with a beautiful design. The front metallic piece is a specialized engraved plastic resistant to many environments. The hooks are silver plated. Simply wipe off with alcohol to restore original shine.

How do I purchase more than one subscription?

All you need to do is go through the process twice entering the new shipping address, if that is the case.

How do I give the subscription as a gift?

You will fill out the form as best as you can, then in the Gift Field, you will write down a message we can include in the initial package. 

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. No questions asked. You can manage your subscription anytime within the notification emails sent to you. I will be providing incredible value, so if you decide to come back you will have to re-enter at the higher price.

When will my card be charged?

You will be charged on the 3rd day of every month. Your will receive notifications regarding an upcoming payment. You will have the ability to make changes to your account, the link will be in your email. You can also contact me directly at gourdjewels@gmail.com to help with changes.

When will my Incredible Jewelry Package arrive?

After all successful processed payments on the 3rd of the month, packages will go out immediately. You should have your package in the mail no later than the 10th of each month, depending on completion time. 

What if my jewelry gets lost in the mail?

Each package will have a tracking number, so this will be very unlikely. In that event, we will replace free of charge.

How do I use the free replacement guarantee?

You will send a picture of the broken or misplaced earrings. We will replace free of charge. We recruit people of high integrity, so we rely on the honesty of our community to be truthful about damaged or misplaced earrings.

Will I be sent a notification for my successful payment?

Yes, you will be notified when you make a: successful payment, recurring plan created, failed payment on recurring plan, recurring plan ended, card expiration date approaching, upcoming payment, and successful refund.