GourdJewels Vision Attainment Assistant

GourdJewels – Designs Inspired by All Things Nature, is a jewelry design brand that creates an amazing jewelry experience filled with innovative design and precision craftsmanship. Our Jewelry pieces are laser engraved on various finishes and adhered to wood to give a light-weight feel for the wearer. Symbols inspired by all things nature are carefully designed to reflect the energy of the animal or element and give the wearer the same vibrations of beauty and positivity. As you can see, each piece is strikingly beautiful to the eyes and offers a truly unique jewelry experience.

GourdJewels is seeking an energetic person with a great attitude, who loves the busy work of setting up digital systems. The position is for a part-time Vision Attainment Assistant who will work digitally from your home creating and implementing a content editorial calendar for GourdJewels, compiling information for monthly sales/expense reports, tracking customer information in excel spreadsheets, updating and managing website content, and all other related duties. This position is created to assist in bringing our larger vision for the GourdJewels brand to life.

This position is for you if:

  • You have a great attitude and believe all challenges are figure-out-able.
  • You are open to learning new skills.
  • You add value wherever you go.
  • You would like to be apart of an amazing experience in a fast moving jewelry start-up business.
  • You love to be busy and get things completed.
  • You have no problem getting tasks completed unsupervised.
  • You can manage multiple tasks and have no problem working digitally.
  • You love to organize information and track items to show growth.
  • You know or are open to learning marketing strategies with social media and online traffic.
  • You love to learn new things online and are great at researching items you don’t know.

What you will be doing:

  • You will collect customer information and organize them into excel spreadsheets.
  • You will receive business financial information and aggregate the info into monthly sales/expense reports.
  • You will implement our GourdJewels editorial calendar.
  • You will Track information to show growth from various marketing activity.
  • You will upload content and photos to online store and manage website content.
  • You will keep stock on business cards, brochures, ect. 
  • You will be flexible enough to switch tasks when needed.

Your Boss:

My name is Michael Adams and I am the owner and artist behind GourdJewels. I started this business in 2012 and finally have the opportunity to expand and grow it. I love developing people and look to creating a fun inspiring work environment. I am very friendly and easy going. I take care of my daughter during the day and I cherish our time together. My wife works at NAU and we appreciate our family time together in the evenings. I will be available for training and questions. I look forward to bringing an excellent addition to my team. I seek to grow this business into a six figure company in 2018, so I am in search of A-players. I look forward to meeting you!

$10/Hour (initial rate) - Bonuses based on work performance


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