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Access the most amazing jewelry experience in this unique beautiful subscription box.

jewelry Designed from symbols and stories


Amazing Symbols Reflecting the Beauty in Native Design.

In many Native American cultures, symbols and designs are passed down from generation to generation that tell a story of how each culture sees the world. Each teaching is passed down in traditional oral expression. Art is the visual representation of what a culture holds as important. Most cultures do not have a word for "art" because it is so intertwined with daily life. Each symbol reflecting an element of nature shares a purpose and a teaching for us. It is an important mission to cultivate the creativity and imagination through the lens of an indigenous perspective. I use art to keep this tradition alive. I set the intention to relay the message of the symbols, so you know you are wearing more than a fashion accessory, you are wearing a story, an identity.

You are wearing more than a fashion accessory, you are wearing a story, an identity.

Tradition meets fashion.

The Hopi culture is traditionally a matriarchal society, where women are emphasized with much value, as they are the foundation for all ceremonial and cultural activity. It is necessary for the family unit to have a strong matriarch who holds family as a priority in her life and holds great pride in her role as mother and caretaker. Jewelry design symbols reflecting her heritage and identity are important visuals, as they represent her style and tell the world “this is who I am and this is where I come from.” This is the person I create for.


A recurring jewelry design line created to provide the best in Native design to women of Design. Destined to become a Movement.

My first thought was "Over deliver value in the form of exquisite, exclusive, beautiful jewelry." My second thought was "Over deliver value to this community of women with the goal of empowerment." I know women hold tremendous value in their families, especially in Native communities. I wanted to create a monthly jewelry subscription box that would leave every customer wanting more month to month. I didn't want to stop there...

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