Terms of Service

  1. As a Design Lady, you agree to receive incredible jewelry and value from the community of Design Women. You also agree to keep information i.e., videos, photos, and stories, that are shared in the Private Facebook Group for yourself only. Any actions against may be means for dismissal.
  2. As a Design Lady, you have a free replacement guarantee for as long as you are a member. We solely rely on your integrity and trust that you are being honest in regards to damaged or lost earrings. A picture will be required if appropriate.
  3. As a Design Lady, you will be responsible for your actions and words of how you conduct yourself in our Private Facebook Group. There will be ground rules for behavior. I, Michael Adams, have the sole ability to dismiss your membership if you dishonor your privilege based on my judgment.
  4. As a Design Lady, you will remain anonymous unless you give permission for us to share your story or image for promotion purposes. 
  5. As a Design Lady, all you information will be kept confidential, unless requested by any state or federal authority.