First Video!! Hear how the Back story came together.


So today we released our first video telling the story behind our inspiration for GourdJewels. I (Mike) spent a couple weeks figuring out how to make such a video. My wife (Marissa) had worked on a project for her work where they did digital storytelling. I said, "hey we need to do something like that for the website." So, I started looking for software to do something like that. She helped me set up the story line and some pointers.

Thank you for iPhones! I ended up using IMovie on my phone to create the little movie. This took some time to put together, because I had to pick the right photos that went along with what I was talking about. Also, had a learning curve of how to manipulate the controls to do what I wanted. 

I was happy to include some pics of my mom, my grandfather, and my wife. I couldn't find any pics of my dad carving, so I used one of my grandfather, who was also my godfather. The background song is a butterfly song that I found. It was nice because it sounded like it was recorded several years ago. I had to do over my voice several times before I was comfortable enough to speak clearly. Lol. All in all, I think it came out pretty well for our first video. I look forward to the next, where I would like to demonstrate the process of creating. The video is on GourdJewels homepage. Please share. 

-Mike and Marissa 

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